Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Sunflowers and Strawberries

I know I've posted twice already this month about the Sunflowers and Strawberries.. but you're going to want to see them again, just look!

I was so relieved to see my sunflowers after the buffeting they must have taken.. they are sheltered on two sides by brick wall and chimney stack and I think they were lucky that the direction the strong winds came in was shielded. My tomatoes and sunflowers get to share this best sunny sheltered spot. The first bloom is still going strong but now the others are opening to join it .. I was so thrilled!

The first strawberry is turning a lovely red (as well as doubling in size!) - I have carefully placed the clump containing the large red strawberry inside a glass jar, so that our resident blackbird doesn't get to dine on it before I do.


beckie said...

Your sunflowers are lovely-be sure to watch for bees. Bet you ca't wait to taste those strawberries!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful sunflowers Hedgewitch. I have to grow the dwarf ones here as the garden is too exposed....its always a pleasure for me to see them elsewhere.

The little alpine strawberries I grow have to be raised when they are ripe, as one of my dogs always tries to eat them. Not ideal.

Yours look lovely....

greenwoman said...

Those are lovely!

Also, I have to apologize, but I tagged you.

RuthieJ said...

I think it's so neat that you have all those wonderful things growing up on your roof!

Rose said...

Your sunflowers look so tall already. And it looks like you are going to have a bumper crop of strawberries!

Ernestine said...

Oh you are smart.
This is the first Spring in my smaller home with a small kitchen garden that has been planted.
I looked at pride daily at my first strawberries.
Yesterday, not a berry.
Also my small blueberry bush has about 30 berries on it.
Need to find something to cover it so the birds do not dine on them.

naturewitch said...

Hi hedgewitch

Everything looks so lovely in your garden and the strawberries look delicious! I can relate to Cheryl regarding protecting them - we often have a blue-tongued lizard visit our garden in summer (I make him little hidey holes so he won't run foul of the cats) and although he does do wonders keeping the snails down, he loves our strawberries for dessert!

If you want to see a picture of a blue-tingued lizard, visit
The one in the bottom photo is like the one that visits us.

love and light

Hedgewitch said...

Hi beckie .. thanks! no, I can't wait :-)

cheryl, my sunflowers are dwarf ones too, I think its just how I photographed them .. mind you, they grew a bit taller than usual this year. will measure them this afternoon!

watcha greenie! I'm coming over right now to see what you signed me up for, lol!

hey ruthie! thank you - the trouble with roof gardening is constantly worrying that the veggies will blow away in the night or something!!

hello rose .. as I was saying to cheryl, they are actually only dwarf sunflowers - will measure them later today! thanks for visiting :-)

oh, ernestine, I'm sorry you lost your strawberries! it was my clever husband who suggested about the glass jar, having watched him mum do this in her big kitchen garden when he was a child. I hope you find some netting or something to protect the blueberries - they will be great to look forward to?

hello naturewitch - I never would have thought that lizards went for strawberries, lol! You know, I've never seen a lizard in the wild until yesterday at St Govan's Head - I saw something shooting through the grass and we watched and eventually saw a little lizard, amazing!