Sunday, 18 May 2008

Tree Tribute

Time for this month's tree tribute. As its May, I thought we might indulge in a bit of a blossom fest? One of nature's real joys each year, for me, at least.

A real treat this month has been learning from Cheryl at My Wildlife Sanctuary how the Hawthorn 'blushes' once it has been pollinated in the spring. Her post includes a marvellous photo which captures the lovely pink tint on the white blossoms.

Blushing Hawthorn

The perfect companion to this is Dave's hawthorn post at Osage and Orange which shows the varieties specific to his part of the world. My favourite thing about blogging is how much I learn from other bloggers and how it has made me think much more globally.

Hawthorns in Columbus Park

Also on the springtime blossom theme, I would highly recommend a visit to Ruthie's blog to see her crab-apple blossom in all its glory (as well as some spectacularly colourful birds!).

Colours of Spring

Enjoy your trip!


Cheryl said...

The lovely blushing Hawthorn.....
tku for the mention again Hedgewitch.
Also thank you so much for the info you left on my comment section, will be checking that out later.You are so very kind.

Cheryl said...

Just checked the black squirrel item out. Amazing to see them. So we now have black, chasing greys, chasing reds!!!!!How very weird is this situation.

Hedgewitch said...

You're welcome, cheryl .. its bizarre, isn't it?