Saturday, 24 May 2008

Mystery Peas

Remember my mystery peas, which I was given by a lovely lady at the North London Organic Gardener's Society?

Well one or two of them have distinct red markings now, which Rebsie at Daughter of the Soil kindly suggested I look out for. This means when they grow up they will be purple-podded peas! I can't wait .. having never grown peas before, its all magical to me.

Its just a little red ring where the leaves join the stem? By the way, the big marbled leaves you can see which the peas are scrambling over belong to the round courgette I am growing this year.. the magnificent foliage was a lovely surprise and I'm looking forward to the fruits!

These veggies are comfortable bedfellows in the cold frame where they are hardening off and gearing themselves up for planting out anyday now.


Cheryl said...

Hi Hedgewitch....Purple podded peas how exciting. Can't wait to see those. Everything is looking very healthy.
Winds are picking up here and sky is is not looking good but I have done as much as I can....its in mother natures hands now...she makes the decisions around here.
Hope you are better, I had a feeling something was wrong. I suffer with migraine, you have my sympathy.....and hope the nasty flu bug has gone.
Well wishes.

Hedgewitch said...

Thanks, cheryl .. its chucking it down here and has been all morning, so we are a bit housebound! Am looking forward to my first ever peas this year :-)

naturewitch said...

Hi Hedgewitch

I have some pea seeds that look a bit like your mystery ones. They are called "red flowering peas". I grew them last year from a few precious heritage seeds I had (and a plant actually came up!). I didn't eat any because I wanted to save the seed. All I remember is the scarlet red flowers, not the colour of the pod, so maybe it was green? (Maybe I should be more observant . .) Anyway, the seed are red, just like yours. So I'll grow them again and see what happens . .

love and light

Hedgewitch said...

Hi naturewitch .. that's really interesting! Scarlet flowers sound lovely, I hope that's what mine are going to do, too.

Good luck, fellow pea-grower! I will look forward to seeing what happens :-)

Dave Coulter said...

Don't go climbing any beanstalks, OK? :)

Sarah said...

Hi Hedgewitch

Fascinating picture of your interesting peas, the young leaves look very similar to my self-seeded milk thistle - I love variagations!

lotta said...

I can't wait to see what they become. Beautiful photo. everything looks fresh and vigorous.

April said...

Everything looks very green and lush in your garden. We have just finished putting our garden in, and it's all looking much greener here now. The rhubarb is almost ready to pick. Happy gardening! :)

motherwintermoon said...

Greetings Hedgewitch, I found you through Goddess in a Teapot. Love the visuals and the vibe here, it's a soul-soothing place to be. I'm relishing (a little foodie pun) all your lovely pix, and the delight of purple podded peas. How beautiful your garden grows! I'm off to check out your Etsy site. Blessings, MW

Hedgewitch said...

OK, dave ;-)

hi Sarah .. its exciting growing a mystery plant, lol!

Thanks, april .. nice to see you! Its a good feeling to be surrounded by growing things, isn't it? Hope you have a fab growing season, too :-)

A very warm welcome to you, motherwintermoon! Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments :-)

Hedgewitch said...

thank you, lotta .. although my favourite seasons are summer and autumn, you can't beat the spring for that green fresh growth, everything is so ALIVE at the moment!

Rebsie Fairholm said...

Ah, that does look intriguing. I love the peas with red splodges. Some of my home-made hybrids are showing super-splodges, so maybe I can send you a few of those to try next year.

The splodges are a sure indication that *something* on the plant will be purple. Usually the pods, but there are one or two varieties which just have purple flowers (with green pods). The yellow-podded Golden Sweet also has a red ring, and purple flowers.

Looking at the picture, my instincts say it looks very like Golden Sweet, but I probably shouldn't say that because I may be completely wrong!

Hedgewitch said...

Thanks for taking a look, rebsie .. I just visited your blog to look at the Golden Sweet review and photo gallery - I hope mine does turn out to be this variety, they look stunning! Its all the more exciting growing 'mystery' peas having your wonderful resource to turn to :-)

But I'll just be happy to get peas, whatever their type since its my first attempt at growing them. I think pea and bean flowers are so beautiful, I can't imagine ever NOT growing them again!