Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I am happily harvesting produce from my little vegetable garden in the sky. Granted, there is no danger of my vegetable-growing supplying anything like our total household requirements! But that was never the point of the exercise.. rather to be involved with the life-cycle and changing of the seasons. But at present, I'm finding that there's nearly always something fresh to add to each meal: a strawberry or two to slice on top of my morning cereal, a sprinkling of radish and spring onion to garnish my lunchtime salad and a handful of carrots to enjoy with my main meal in the evening. And this is just from a couple of window box containers.. which means anyone anywhere can grow their own fresh organic veg!


Cheryl said...

Well done you Hedgewitch....and no air miles...even more brownie points!!

Alchemille said...

How fun!
Look like you've had a good little harvest.
I also have a container garden on my porch. Some things seem to grow better than other and some remain small (I know they'd be thriving in there were planted in the womb of Mother Earth).
I live by the coast which brings a refreshing cooling breeze and even some fog (I love fog). It's not warm enough for peppers, eggplants don't like it too much either.
Carrots take forever to grow. I'm more lucky with leafy greens.
I like to say that I have 3 gardens in 1: a mediterranean garden (I recently got a dwarf sweet lemon tree), a woodland garden (with stinging nettle, brambles and wild roses) and a kitchen garden with edible & medicinal plants.

Green Blessings,

jenn said...

I found this site that sells organic vegetable garden seeds. Whole And Their prices are the lowest at about 1.50 per packet.

Border Reiver said...

And a well done from me too, they look scrummy. I've given up this year on the veg, after losing everything apart from leeks and potatoes to slugs, pigeons and the wind we've had. Re-think and re-plan for next year methinks!!

Marilena said...

there's nothing like growing your own garden!

Hedgewitch said...

thank you so much for your kind comments, everyone :-)

that's right, cheryl.. distance from plant to plate is only a few feet down the ladder into the kitchen, lol!

that sounds lovely, alchemille.. its so nice to hear what other people grow and have success with. i never do very well with salad leaves, as they bolt when I don't give them enough attention. how wonderful to have a lemon tree!

thanks for the tip, jenn

thanks, border reiver.. I'm sorry to hear the slugs got to your crops :-( Even though I garden on a roof, in tubs stood on gravel I still find a few and have to be watchful! I hope you have better luck next year.

hi marilena, nice to see you :-)

Nutty Knitter said...

Those veggies look so yummy, Hedgewitch!

Hedgewitch said...

thanks, nutty! I've really been enjoying growing my own little veg this year :-)

kitchenwitch said...

I am heartened and inspired by your rooftop garden! If you can grow carrots, I can do it too.... next year I'm going to give them a try. Thanks for a great blog! (: Sasha