Sunday, 1 June 2008


A wonderful weekend! And an especially wonderful Saturday, which I couldn't wait to share with you all. Beautiful weather - endless sunshine and picture postcard blue skies. We were on the Pembrokeshire coast in the very south-west of Wales, in the national park and on the coastal path. We discovered a very special place at St Govan's Head, which is a rugged headland teeming with wildlife and has spectacular views. It is also the site of St Govan's chapel, which seems to just grow out of a cleft in the cliffs.

I won't go into the history and importance of St Govan and the site, but I found this brief outline which gives an idea of the wealth of folklore which has grown up around both saint and site. I was particularly interested in the healing well (now dried up), of course.

The whole headland felt disconnected from the modern world .. it is owned by the military and used as a firing range so access is limited, but this has meant that wildlife can flourish there undisturbed and the site remains isolated from modern encroachment. We chose a good time to visit: the headland and rocks were alive with blooms, the wildflowers out in abundance to dance in the late May sunshine, and I was delighted to see my very first orchids growing wild.


Yarrow said...

How beautiful! The chapel and surrounding area. just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl said...

How wonderful hedgewitch....there are so many beautiful places in this small Isle of ours.
I would think your trip was spiritually uplifting. When I visit places, such as you mention, I often feel that I have had my soul cleansed. Does that sound strange? I hope you know what I mean.
And the beautiful orchid, how precious, what a priviledge.

I am glad you had a few days away in such a lovely place.


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

The place looks like you could really feel whisked back in time to another reality. Glad you had such a lovely time - no doubt we'll see some orchid inspired artwork in the future!

Sandpiper said...

Wow! Beautiful! This place is fascinating. I would love to visit there someday.

You have a great blog!

Hedgewitch said...

hi yarrow .. it was a really special place, I'm glad it came across in the post!

I know exactly what you mean, cheryl.. no, doesn't sound strange :-) You describe precisely how it felt, like a breath of fresh air had entered and refreshed me. I feel alive and full of purpose and hope again.

Thank you, Nat! yes, the orchids were very inspiring.. I only wish I'd got better photos.

Thank you, Sandpiper, I'm so glad people are enjoying it! I would heartily recommend visiting, if you ever go to Wales :-)

TheSingingBird said...

so glad to discover your blog :)
and i agree with cheryl about a soul-cleansing, that is how i feel every time i visit the coast here in California and other soul-lifting spaces.

Dave Coulter said...

That looks like a lovely spot, but that sky looks a little too blue for Wales, lol...

I like the orchid too!

Have you ever read anything by Tim Robinson? He writes a lot about the west Irish coast. Your shots reminded me of his essays...