Monday, 7 November 2011


Picked a big splash of colour for the kitchen table yesterday ... not bad for November?


Cerise Queen

A rose we inherited with the house .. it has no fragrance, but the blooms are beautiful as a cut flower.


Joel Le Blanc said...

Currently I am picking off all my calendula flowers to infuse a herbal oil, so I can later make creams and ointments. It's great to use as the flowers grow back faster than I can pick them!

Comfrey Cottages said...

Amazing how much color you still have in November! Enjoy:)xx

Hedgewitch said...

Hi Joel,

Yes, me too - I've been amazed this year just how many blooms I've had, its really true that the more you pick them the more they produce. I put these ones on the kitchen table but I'm leaving the others to go self-seed. Thanks for dropping by :-)

Hello Leslie, thanks and welcome!

whisperingearth said...

Hi Hedgewitch,
Your rose is so pretty! i still have a couple that are blooming, they warm my heart whenever I see them. Your calendulas look beautiful too. Mine got a bit of powdery mildew during that dry spell in October and are looking a bit sorry now though they and the nasturtiums are still flowering their heads off! xxx

Hedgewitch said...

Thankyou! Roses are my favourite.. and to have them this late in the year is a real joy.