Saturday, 29 June 2013

Allotment Spots

I don't think I showed you these... I wasn't supposed to be spotting, I was down at the allotment to work! But it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and this green-veined white butterfly caught my eye. Maybe it mistook the chive flower for the knapweed that it seems to be sitting on in the identification photos!

And seconds later something truly amazing .. amongst a pile of wood leaning against a shed was something so bright orangey-red as to seem almost fluorescent, a most un-'natural'-looking colour, a big thing. I watched it .. it looked like a flying strawberry! I followed it as it flew hither and thither, hoping it might settle so I could see what it was. Eventually it did .. a moth, a good size one, but just a drab brown colour with its wings folded.

I managed to get this snap on my phone camera before it was off again, but I needn't have worried as it stayed around the area. I turned to get on with some work when there in the grass before me was another one! And as I bent to look, the first one 'buzzed' into me .. the pair of them set off busily fluttering about each other and away.

You can see the kind of fluorescent orange underparts in the photo, and the big furry body. When I looked it up I identified it as a Ruby Tiger Moth, which are apparently common. But to me they were unexpected, exotic and exciting.. as well as a good excuse to sit in the grass in the sunshine rather than dig!

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