Sunday, 18 March 2012


It was so lovely to be out in the fresh air and working in the garden last week, such fine warm days feel like a special gift that musn't be wasted this time of the year, its almost like its your duty to drop everything and get out there!

Had a quandry, the boys had waved goodbye off to see Nanny for the morning .. no-one about, all quiet! What to do, hmmmm ... really ought to cook something lovely and warm and healthy for us all to have for lunch when they get back. But the pull towards the garden is so strong and cannot be denied.

So I stuck the remains of the roast dinner in a big saucepan - heated some oil and tossed the remains of the tray of roasted veggies in it (butternut squash, potatoes, carrot, parsnip). When that smelt all appealing I popped in the leftover gravy, the remains of the chicken and the leftover green veg (greens and leeks and peas). Topped up with water, brought it slowly up to the boil (while putting jacket on and sorting out my seeds) .. bit of salt and pepper .. reduce to v. gentle simmer .. and GARDEN!!!!

Popped in to check from time to time and an hour later, beautiful soup. Gave it a quick squash with the potato masher so's to thicken it up (and so's the little'un doesn't pick the carrots out) and there it was .. hearty fare for all and happy mummy morning in the garden! Hurray!


Rowan said...

The soup sounds delicious and nourishing too. I always think that you need to make the most of every fine day in the garden at this time of the year, the Spring sunshine is good for you after the grey days of winter - all that Vitamin D!

Comfrey Cottages said...

YUM! Yes do take advantage of pretty springtime weather! xxx

ShySongbird said...

Yummy! That's what I call organised, a morning in the garden but with a delicious lunch all ready and waiting when you have finished :-)

Hedgewitch said...

Hi Rowan, yes that's a good point .. I need to get my vitamin D!!

Hello Leslie!

Hi ShySongBird, thank you .. me, organised? It had to happen eventually, I suppose! Bit of a cheat, really :-)

Tree Service Queens said...

I love soups that have a whole bunch of variety, be it that yours has poultry AND different types of veggies! Yum!

Happy Gardening

-Oscar Valencia