Monday, 12 March 2012

Dandelion Salad

I've been reading about the tradition of using bitters to stimulate digestive juices to help breakdown rich meals. As my poor old tum has been sadly in need of assistance lately, I am trying having a little dandelion salad starter before my main meal. Its just a handful of washed, chopped dandy leaves mixed in with a handful of conventional salad leaves and I chucked a tomato in for colour and dressed with olive oil and a splash of my homemade nasturtium vinegar (more on this another time!)

I have to say, I think it helped... I had a roast dinner afterwards and didn't have any problems till about 4 hours afterwards. Will definitely use again, especially as it was really rather tasty!!


Cheryl said...

How interesting.......
I hope this continues to help with your problem.

I use dandelion leaves in salad just because I like them.
I also pluck some of the petals from the flowers and add them to the greenery :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

Sorry your tummy has been giving your problems:( Nasturium vinegar! YUM! And so pretty in the bottle:) That salad looks delicious! Glad it helped xx

Whispering Earth said...

What a lovely salad, I must follow your lead and get out to pick some dandy leaves this week.
How are you finding the epsom salt baths? They say that it's the best way to absorb magnesium. I do find them very relaxing and recommend them to people but I'm never sure how much they are actually raising magnesium levels.

ShySongbird said...

I really should try it, it does look rather nice. I'm glad it has helped you and hope it continues to do so.

Hedgewitch said...

Hi cheryl, I guessed you might be someone who ate their weeds! I usually pick the dandelion flowers for my neighbour Toby, a 40 year old tortoise, as they are his favourite treat. Lovely hubby tolerates them in the garden as long as I don't let them seed everywhere... maybe will try eating some myself this year :-)

Hi Leslie, thank you! yes, tum much better now I'm pleased to report. I'd never made a vinegar before, but I love nasturtiums and have them all over the garden and last summer I just felt like there must be something I can DO with them, too. Wish I'd taken a photo as you're right, they look so so gorgeous in the bottle! I made it with a clove of garlic in too to use for relieving catarrh, but it tastes really really good as a salad dressing. Am about to try to some more vinegar making this spring, as this one turned out so well. Much love to you xx

Hi Lucinda, I'll keep you posted with the baths.. my initial reaction is that it just feels so good - so deeply relaxing - that its a useful tool for me for that reason alone, and if it helps with the magnesium absorption then thats a big old bonus.

I read that to absorb the magnesium effectively I need to put 2 cups of salts in and stay for a minimum of 12 minutes (though I always stay longer), and repeat 3 times a week. Does this sound sensible to you?
I've only managed twice a week so far but will try and build up gradually.
I've only seen salt baths talked about as a detox thing before, and then it sometimes says limit it to once a week and shower afterwards, so this fairly different.

Hello ShySongBird,

Good to see you .. I just saw a pair of greenfinches on the feeder this morning for the first time!

You know, I think its important using a colourful bowl for the salad? And its only the very young leaves that are tasty.. as soon as flowerbuds start forming the leaves are too bitter (and you have to look quite hard to see the little baby bud right down in the heart of the dandelion, I find) :-)

Comfrey Cottages said...

Nice catarrah add of the garlic! Also nice it works as homemade medicine and for salads, making them extra nice:) Much love to you also xxxx