Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Little violets ..

didn't notice the beautiful spiders until I enlarged the photo!


Rowan said...

The violets are lovely - and early! As for the spiders, I'm afraid that the words spider and beautiful don't go together on my little world:)

T I Lalu said...

Weeds are our beloved friends. But most of us have a strong feeling of dislike against weeds,. They have a tendency to grow at the wrong place at the wrong time. The weeds stabilise soil, curb water loss, provide shelter to other plants and repair our landscapes that are shattered by landslides, floods and fire. Weeds provide food, fuel and medicine. And also building material for insects, birds and humans. In olden days our grandmothers used 40 types of weeds as food. The so called Green Revolution declared weeds as pestering fellows!.

Hedgewitch said...

Hi Rowan, yes I have to admit I am still only able to admire spiders from a discreet distance! They can be very beautiful though, as are their webs and they are helpers in the garden.. so I'm learning to love them (this does not extend to the large ones the size of my hand with hairy kneecaps which appear in my shed in the autumn.. I close the door and don't open it again till spring, when I get my fearless hubbie to have a little check about first!!)

Hello T I Lalu, well said! Food and medicine for free on the doorstep :-)

TP Knotweed said...

In the nature we have different things. To read the beauty of nature, we have go deep and deep. Weeds are generally unwanted, wrong timely and sometimes useless but the nature never ever do wrong. There are also many things which we have to consider like how it protect us, what are medicines we get from weeds and all.