Thursday, 2 February 2012

All that Glitters

Beautiful day (albeit hovering just above freezing!) and a morning expedition to Wrabness, near Manningtree and Mistley on the estuary of the River Stour. A little nature reserve there, you can walk down to the beautifully wild beach which was a glorious mixture of mud, sand, pebbles, corroded cliff and marshiness. As we walked down, all the little rivulets of water had frozen at the edges and were sparkling in the blazing winter sun .. fantastic! And well-worth the ten to fifteen minutes it took getting everyone dressed up for the expedition (nobody was allowed out of the car without 2pairs of gloves and socks, hat, hood and wellies etc).

As we walked round onto the beach the tide had pushed up piles of diamond-like ice crystals into drifts of frozen foam which made beautiful patterns and the sand was decorated all the way along the shoreline with wading bird footprints. I don't know whether there's some scientific explanation to do with the precise mix of salt and non-salt water here in the estuary that made this frosty wondrousness .. I don't need to know, it just was and we were there to see it and it was beautiful!

Definitely having a lucky day today - on the way back I was treated to a kingisher flypast.. so fast I thought I had imagined it, a flash of brilliant turquoise, then as it turned a glimpse of crimson underbelly. It can't be, I thought.. but when I looked it up in the books back at home, it could be nothing else and this was just the type of habitat they like and apparently in Britain in the winter migration season they often head for coastal areas. I am letting nature herself be my teacher .. and slowly, I'm learning!


L. Starkey said...

New follower here! The photos you posted today of the nature preserve are so beautiful, as are those in your other posts. Looking forward to seeing more. Regards.

Hedgewitch said...

Hello and welcome! How lovely to meet you .. and thank you for your kind comments :-)

Comfrey Cottages said...

What a beautiful spot to wander in! Your descriptions were so beautiful xx I adore little kingfishers! They are such little determined little bundles of feathers! I too just love nature and appreciate the mystery of not knowing all the whys and answers! lol! thanks for taking us with you on your journey xxxx Leslie

Hedgewitch said...

Thanks, Leslie :-) I've never seen a kingfisher before in real life .. they look so exotic they almost seem unreal.

The little'un had got a lot of well-done stickers lately and we asked him what he'd like to do for a treat.. he said 'the beach!' so we had to take a bucket and spade and look for buried treasure while we were there!!