Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Last Chilli

Its all about red this November ... here is my last chilli! I haven't grown them before, but a neighbour gave me a couple of cayenne pepper plants and I have so enjoyed them, and they did really well. Harvested the last one yesterday. Have used some, dried some and frozen lots so will see what works best for next year. Wanted to make a chilli infused oil, but there seems to be a big scare about botulism so decided it isn't worth the risk to myself or loved ones!

On the red theme, here is my November strawberry, too


whisperingearth said...

Ooo that's a nice looking chilli! You could always make chilli oil for external use, it's great on aches and pains.
And how lovely that you have one juicy strawberry to look forward to! :)

Hedgewitch said...

now that's a good idea .. many thanks!