Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sea Finds

Beachcoming on Monday .. a wonderful new way to get a bit of fresh air, tramping along the beach in Brightlingsea where I live. First day wearing anorak and wellies rather than vest and sandals! I love the sound and the smell and feel of the wind and the waves obliterating everything else and transporting you away from your thoughts and troubles to a different place with a wonderful soothing tidal rhythm. And then there's the treasures! I'm officially out collecting sea glass to make pendants (see my craft blog) but the thing that intrigues me most is the sea pottery. Pieces of discarded man-made pot which the forces of nature have broken and tumbled and smoothed to create new treasures. And while my nose is firmly pointed at the floor I'm starting to notice all the little seaside creatures and goings on which are all new to me.


whisperingearth said...

What treasures you discovered. Worthy of a pirates chest I should think!
I'll look forward to checking out your craft blog.
Take care.

Hedgewitch said...

Hi Lucinda,

thanks for stopping by :-)