Friday, 14 October 2011

Scarlet and Seedheads

Beautiful afternoon and a chance to soak up the October-ness in the garden.. I love all the scarlet tinges, up the fences and in the leaf litter, a nice foil for the various seedheads.
Fennel seedpods decorated with a bit of spiderwebbiness.
Pretty rosehips.. I love the bright colour.
Sunlight in the creeper which I let grow over the shed roof. Do you remember my Queen of the May from the Tottenham roof garden? Here she is in her new home.


Cheryl said...


How lovely to see Queen of the May in her new home. Familiar plants are treasures, aren't they?
She looks very happy :)

The colours in the garden at this time are breathtaking. I find I take far too long strolling the garden at this time of year. I get caught up in the beauty of it all.

Have a lovely weekend.....and I love the fennel seadhead with it's guest.

Hedgewitch said...

Hi cheryl, its this time of year that I'm glad our garden is kind of semi-wild because there's always something happening secretly in a little corner! I'm leaving all the clearing up as late as possible (if at all) so that all the plants and little animals can do what they need to do naturally. I love to think of you strolling around your beautiful garden and I love coming to see your amazing photographs.. I just point and click with my mobile phone, snatching a moment when the little one is looking the other way, lol! I'm hoping it just kind of gives the impression, anyway.