Saturday, 1 October 2011


It may be 28 degrees C, but it is also trying to be autumn! I thought you might like to see the little'uns collection of treasures from our recent outing to the nearby Beth Chatto Gardens which has a wonderful woodland area. We collected some beautiful leaves, some acorns (which didn't make it home - expect they'll turn up in the glove compartment or my glasses case or somewhere untoward!) and this fantastic feather, which we think might have belonged to an owl? The conker is from Brightlingsea, the first one of the season. I've always loved picking up conkers, so I was pleased to discover in one of the James Wong books that you can actually use them for healing, rather than just knocking the seven bells out of other conkers with them (must be a boy thing!). If I had, or knew anyone with, varicose veins I would definitely be making them this.


Cheryl said...

Hi Hedgewitch,

Gosh it is hot, isn't it.

Beth Chatto is one of my favourite gardeners.

I would guess the feather is either a female pheasant or maybe a tawny owl (depends on it's length)
Poppi and I always collect feathers on our walks. I keep them in a jug, on an old chest. I just love natures gifts.

Hope you find the acorns :)

whisperingearth said...

Hi Hedgewitch,
I just saw your comment and followed the link and was very happy to see it led me here. I saw your blog maybe a year or so ago but it was while you were having some time off. I'm glad to see you're blogging again and will very much look forward to reading your posts as they pop up.
With love, Lucinda x

Hedgewitch said...

Thank you, cheryl - I'll have to have a little look in a bird book. Its only little, about 15cm. I've been doing a big scrap book with J since he was big enough to wield crayons and Pritt Stick (!) and we have several lovely feathers sellotaped in, but so far their original owners were near at hand for identification purposes, lol!

Thank you, Lucinda and a warm welcome to you! I'm really excited to be back, I'd forgotten just how much I learned from and was inspired by the blogging community and how much the friendship of like-minded souls means in this life.

Cheryl said...

HI Hedgewitch,

I would guess your feather is a tawny owl then......

How lovely.....the book will hold memories for you and J as he grows.