Tuesday, 4 October 2011


What a wonderful morning! We went blackberrying in the sunshine yesterday and came home stained but happy.
Combined with some aged eating apples in a crumble, and have three bags stashed away in the freezer for future puddings and smoothies.
Also made a blackberry oxymel - this is a new thing for me, its from the 'A Year with James Wong' book. Have put the blackberries in a jam jar and covered with cider vinegar and in ten days' time I have to strain it and then it should keep in the fridge. Plan is to dilute it in hot water with honey for a vitamin C drink for the little'un in cold and flu season (and me too, come to that!).


Cheryl said...

Hi Hedgewitch,

It has been a very good year for fruit. I am still picking blackberries from the hedgerow around the garden. I have made several crumbles over the last few weeks and never tire of them.

Very interested in that blackberry.....cider vinegar potion, sounds perfect for the Grandchildren.
I shall be doing that for sure.

Tku for sharing.....

whisperingearth said...

Ummm delicious. Seeing photos of the autumn harvest never fails to warm my heart!
The oxymel sounds good. I made a blackberry and cinnamon infused vinegar last year which I used on winter salads, it was really delicious.
Happy autumn foraging.

Hedgewitch said...

thank you, cheryl.. crumbles are a relatively new thing for me (making them, that is, rather than eating them!) but we house&garden sat for friends this summer and were rewarded in fresh eggs and rhubarb .. so am now a convert. Especially as you get a lot of appreciative noises from the boys when you plonk a nice homemade crumble down in front of them, lol!

thank you, lucinda .. will try adding a little cinnamon when I dilute the blackberry vinegar to drink if that's a good flavour combination, as I'm sure cinnamon would do a cold good too!

Dave Coulter said...

I'm not sure what an oxymel is but the ingredients look good!

Hedgewitch said...

hi Dave, good to see you :-)