Thursday, 25 June 2009

Recycle for Wildlife

Just wanted to share this request I received today for us all to donate our old mobile phones to FFI who can get a £5 donation for each phone received to put towards their wildlife conservation work..

"Did you know your old mobile phone could help FFI to save gorillas and other endangered wildlife around the world?

FFI is today launching a campaign calling for individuals, companies and schools to send us their old mobile phones. It is designed to coincide with Recycle Week, the official UK campaign to encourage people to recycle more.

For every phone received, FFI will receive about £5. It's a great way to support our vital conservation work without spending a penny."

Full information on where to send your old phone at the
Fauna and Flora International website.


Aluajala said...

I wish we had similar programs.. I wish we even had a single recycling company in the whole country... this is sure a good thing to do. *sigh*

Fonebank said...

This sounds like a great initiative. We tend to change phones so regularly that we accumulate 2 or 3 spare phones that normally just gather dust in the drawers. People might as well use these old phones to make a difference and help towards conservation work.