Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Babe in the Woods

This one's for Cheryl .. I don't really go much for sharing personal things on my blog as the internet is such a vast public space and I'm a very private person. So I might even remove this in a few days time. But just one little (albeit quite anonymous) photo of the newby!

This is littleun's first trip to the woods - it has been so sweltering here in London that we headed for the shady trees at Queen's Wood, Muswell Hill. There had been a monumental thunderstorm and downpour the previous evening and it was so refreshing - it smelt clean and green and earthy.


Michelloui said...

Tiny little yellow socks! I can imagine it is hard to resist posting a photo. :)

What a great description of a woods after a storm: clean, green and earthy! Good for the soul. A perfect time to introduce a new little one to the woods!

Cheryl said...

Dear Hedgewitch.....I am so honoured......he is so very beautiful.....it took me back to my son, and my darling grandson. Enjoy this time my friend, with your very precious little boy.
Let him breath the woodland air, and feel the peace that and comfort that the trees bring......

Thank you for letting me see your little man........

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Tangled Macrame said...

I've drifted out of the Etsy community, but I still love to check in your beautiful blog every now and then. Looks like you have an equally beautiful family. Blessed be!

naturewitch said...

Hi Hedgewitch
Your most beautiful creation yet! What a delightful bit of news after I've been gone for so long. Well done. Hope you are all well and happy. xo