Sunday, 29 March 2009

Queens Wood

If you go down to the woods today, you'll never believe your eyes ..... well I couldn't anyway, the floor was carpeted in beautiful wood anemones which I had to stop and admire.

This is Queen's Wood, Highgate, and we were only passing, so I couldn't stop for a proper walk, only stretch my legs a little and drink in the fresh smell of the earth and trees and spring sunshine (5 minutes later it was hailing!). I'm hoping to visit again soon to see some of the other woodland flowers.

I also loved the way this fragile pretty blossom contrasted against the dark knarled bark of a tree trunk - old man winter garlanded with soft spring flowers.


Cheryl said...

Hi Hedgewitch....oh to be in England now that spring is here.... pretty and I love old father time......

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I adore anemones! Didn't know they grew wild in the woods.

naturewitch said...

Hi Hedgewitch

What a gorgeous sight! Thank you for sharing it with us. We are starting our autumn work in the garden, so to see a lovely spring vista is very encouraging. xx