Monday, 2 June 2008

Companion Planting

I've been tagged by two wonderful bloggers, Greenwoman and Yarrow, to reveal six unspectacular quirks of mine.. but I've been having trouble thinking of them! Its not that I haven't got any, of course, its just that I probably don't notice them? So here, instead, are 6 little 'ways I like to do things' in the garden (some of which might be considered 'quirky' by some!)... I hope no-one minds my subverting the meme! Instead of tagging more bloggers, I'd like to throw it open to anyone and everyone who wants to join in and declare the ways THEY like to do things in the garden?


I do look things up in books, but I like to mostly learn by doing and finding out what happens .. I have learned a lot this way!

I like companion planting and want to do more of this in future.. I currently plant my carrots with equal quantity of dill in their trough and I include calendula with my tomatoes.

I'm not looking to grow the biggest or most perfect vegetables ever known to man(!) .. I know my limitations, and am happy if my plants are healthy and treasure any little offerings they produce.

I think that plants know better than me what they want, so I try to learn from them (as well as about them)

I like to use a homemade kneeler for gardening on the roof (which is covered in gravel, so not comfortable on the knees!) .. I got this tip from my archaeological days: a couple of folded newspapers inside a carrier bag

I like being on my own gardening.. its not that I'm anti-social, and I enjoy showing others around my patch, but I like the peace and quiet of it and being lost in my own thoughts


Speaking of companion planting, this is my trough of carrots and dill, looking all lush and feathery! And a shot of my brandywine tomato plants building up to a first flower (the calendula in this pot is tucked away out of site but has some nice fat buds nearly ready to burst).

-----> GET INVOLVED: have you got any tried and tested plant-companions to share?


ICQB said...

I'm pretty new to gardening - well, I had a garden almost 20 years ago, but that's a long time to remember particulars about what got planted with what. I was in New Mexico at the time, so sun wasn't a problem, but I had to be diligent about watering. I also was involved with archaeology all those ages ago. It can be very much like gardening - a lot of tedium with all of that scratching away in the dirt, spaced with wonderful surprises when something is found. In gardening that would be a spotting new bud, a small fruit beginning to form, or a beautiful butterfly perched on a bloom.

Thanks for sharing your gardening wisdom and 'quirks'. I'll soak in whatever knowledge I can for my own, new garden's sake.

Cheryl said...

Interesting read Hedgewitch.
Companion planting......the foxglove stimulates growth of other plants and helps disease resistance. Moreover, if you grow them in a vegetable garden, they improve the storage qualities of fruit and vegetables.

Hedgewitch said...

hello icqb and welcome! I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with your new garden.. sounds exciting?

thanks for the foxglove info, cheryl, that's a new one for me and I'll have to try it!

Q said...

Dear Hedgewitch,
I also do companion planting! I have for thirty years...
Nice to know you do too. My "Bible" is Louise Riotte's "Carrots Love Tomatoes" and her companion flower book, "Roses Love Garlic".
I also do as much seed to seed gardening as I can.
Your veggies and herbs look so lush, I can almost smell them.
I post about my birds and bugs and gardens on Q's Corner. I have begun my lavender harvest. The camomile is ready for it's second cutting. I also have grown Brandywine tomatoes with basil as it's companion.
It is a joy to have found you.

Hedgewitch said...

Oh Sherry, many thanks for this info .. I will look up those books on Amazon. Its nice to keep your own seed and see it grow the next year .. I just started doing this a year or two back and want to do lots more.

The brandywine is a fab tomato isn't it? I will come visit you at Q's corner and see what you're up to :-)

AishaWood said...

I learn by doing too, using books for the occasional reference, I'm so glad other people do too! Last year, when I first started to grow my own food, I barely studied it at all. I think I absorb information and understand the processes more.

Companion planting with French Marigolds saved my Broccoli from cabbage root fly! I didn't have enough Marigolds last year to entirely surround them so I was quite fascinated when half were eaten and those nearest the Marigolds remained untouched! :)

I have to say I like the same things as you in the garden, especially being alone. I often get blackbirds sitting next to me or frogs near by when nobody else is around!

Hedgewitch said...

That's a really great tip about the cabbage root fly, aisha .. thanks for sharing your experiences with us :-)