Tuesday, 3 June 2008


There's a lot of budding going on in the Hedgewitch herb garden right now! And as we go from May to June (and from Spring-ish to Summer-ish) it feels as though we are also changing colours: in May the garden hosted purple blooms, the sage flowers and chives, then more white appearing with the elderflowers and valerian. The thyme is currently in flower with pretty pinky-white blooms and the yarrow is fit to burst, too.

Now, as the daylight hours approach their maximum the yellow flowers are opening to greet the sun: the calendula blooms are opening, the rue buds are turning from green to yellow, and it won't be long before the St John's wort flowers to mark the longest day.


Cheryl said...

The buds are just as beautiful as the flowers, don't you think? And the anticipation of them opening is so exciting....if I think something is near to blooming, I have to keep going out and checking in case I miss it.
Oooooohhh I love my garden so much.

naturewitch said...

What a beautiful picture you draw with your words - I had never realised the sequence of the colours in the herb blooms before. I'll be more vigilant next spring and see if we have the same pattern. And I love the fact that St John's Wort opens its buds to greet the sun at its zenith - how cool is that? We can learn so much from plants. As ever, I am in awe.


Hedgewitch said...

yes, I'm the same cheryl! this time of year everything is growing so much that you can see the difference every day.. I love it :-)

Hedgewitch said...

thank you, naturewitch! I don't know whether its just the selection of herbs I happen to have in my garden or whether its more than that? St John's Wort has long been associated with the solstice (Midsummer's Day) and mine does always open its flowers nearly spot on each year.

Rose said...

I am constantly amazed by all that you have growing on your rooftop! Very interesting info about the St. John's Wort blooming on the Summer Solstice.

Enjoyed your photos from Wales!

Hedgewitch said...

hi rose ... glad you're enjoying the posts! its only a very little space .. I guess I have a very small amount of lots of things, lol :-)