Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Well here I am, back in action! Its been a strange few days .. no internet, plus two four-hour power cuts in 3 days.

No phones, no radio, no telly, no internet, no kettle .. no noise, no distractions! You know there was something nice about the quiet, and it did me no harm at all to have a long soak in the bath by candlelight and an early night. And I kind of liked making my tea with a pan of water over a flame on the stove. It reminded me that the act of infusing plants to make beneficial drinks is not some dark art or hippie new-age thing but something that all of us do all the time without even thinking about it. And this is how it should be.. health and well-being enshrined in the everyday, habitual acts which constitute the unglamorous business of being.

Its all got me thinking. Firstly about how little we actually NEED. Secondly about how peaceful and stress-free it is not having news and information blaring out all the time. Thirdly about how although we humans like to think we are so clever and sophisticated and technologically advanced, etc, we are still just as subject to the whims of nature and our environment as any other animal.. we are NOT all powerful, as we sometimes seem to think. And yet we mock or look down upon those cultures who show deep reverence and respect for the Earth as under-developed. In western society we tend to value science, technology, 'progress', and so forth much more highly than simple, everyday, 'down-to-earth' skills and common sense. We don't value our own intuition as much as we perhaps should.

You know what was wrong with our internet? The box outside containing the technology was getting too hot in the sunshine.. that's why it would activate once the heat of the day had passed and it had cooled down again.

Anyway, an interesting few days. No need to be concerned .. there's no danger of me taking off and living in a tent in some farflung corner of the globe, I am who I am and that just wouldn't be me! But a little balance and taking time out to find some peace now and again .. that's a lesson its always good to have refreshed and uppermost in mind?


Cheryl said...

Lovely post Hedgewitch. I have often thought along those lines and a lot of what you say is right. I have been fortunate to have travelled to India, Africa and Thailand. I never do package holidays I like to see the people and how they really live. It opens your mind and your heart. They have little and yet they always have a smile, and welcome you to their homes.
I love this post, it brought back a lot of memories. Tku once again for making me think!

Dave Coulter said...

A tad ironic that the oldest technology we know - the Sun - brought down some of the newest - the internet.

There's a parable in there somewhere :)

Hedgewitch said...

Thanks cheryl .. how wonderful to have travelled like that! I would love to hear more about your travels one day :-)

Yes, I think there is, dave!