Monday, 19 May 2008

Strawberries and Sunflowers

Forgot to show you these, which I took while my internet was down last week - the first sunflower of the year, and the strawberries' first blush..


Maria Sondule said...

I've never seen unripe strawberries before.

Dave Coulter said...

It's amazing how much further ahead your gardening season is! Sunflowers in May....yikes!

Cheryl said...

Wow are way ahead of me.....the sunflowers are very early........beautiful bloom.
My strawberries are in flower but no fruits yet.......can't wait, can you????

Hedgewitch said...

hi maria.. welcome to Earth and Tree!

lol, dave, you have to bear in mind that I grew them under cover in my little growhouse and we had a week of hot summer temperatures this month which brought them on!
also, I planted them really early (back in February) bcos I read you could get an early flower this way.. I am a massive sunflower fan (as you know!) and can't wait till late summer for my fix :-)

Thanks, cheryl .. no, I can't wait either! These are the most promising looking strawberries I've grown so far... fingers crossed they make it to plumptious ripe readiness!!

Yarrow said...

Oh, sunflowers already! They are my favorite. How lovely.

Sarah said...

Hi Hedgewitch

I found your blog some time ago through Alchemille's blog. My strawberries, both alpine and full size are only flowering, so I will have to wait some time for the fruits.

I wondered if you would like to join the Herb Society's herbal blog webbring. We are trying to gather as many UK herbal blogs as possible to give a unique insight into how herbs are grown and used in the UK as opposed to Europe, Australasia and the US.

If you would like to join us, go to Debs' blog at and click on the webring link under Twigs and Branches

Very best wishes


Hedgewitch said...

hello yarrow.. welcome to Earth and Tree! Thanks for visiting :-)

hello sarah, how nice to meet you! thank you for the invitation, I would love to join and will skoot along now to investigate :-)

RuthieJ said...

Fresh strawberries from your own garden!! They will taste doubly delicious, I'm sure.

Hedgewitch said...

I hope so, ruthie! nice to see you :-)