Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Full Moon and Valerian

Clear skies last night and a beautiful full moon .. I popped my head out to see the stars twinkling above my herbs (the joy of a roof garden!) and snapped this shot of the valerian tops silhouetted against the moonlight


Cheryl said...

I love the moon.....Mr Practical and I stood on the landing last night looking at her. Magical.
Valerian is beautiful to, I also grow it in the garden. We have similar taste in plants.
I am typing in the garden and the skylark is singing.

Dave Coulter said...

My favorite moments in nature are when we can tie the heavens to the earth all in one sweep of the eye.

Good job!

Hedgewitch said...

hi cheryl .. I like to think of you looking up at her, too, when I see the full moon out the window!

the valerian has gone a bit bonkers this year, really reaching for the sky .. will get some photos when the buds open anytime now.

how wonderful to hear a skylark!

thanks, dave .. it's nice having a garden in the sky :-)

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

My Valerian is looking more like a groundcover this time of year - but I shared the moon with my eldest (whose 4)and like your photo - the clouds parted to give us a beautifully clear crisp night perfect for being rugged up in a warm beanies and a cuddle.

There's not much more magical than that!


Hedgewitch said...

I agree, Nat! Nice to meet you .. welcome to Earth and Tree :-)

You have a lovely blog .. I am completely smitten with your Just Joey rose!

Sarah said...

Valerian is one of those herbs you either love or really dislike. I work on the principle that if you like the scent of the flowers then you need her. Having said that, give yourself a weekend to experiment when you first take a remedy. Some people will get the normal sedating effect, others will go hyper - it just depends.

Hedgewitch said...

That's interesting you should say that, Sarah .. I remember reading that care was needed with the dosage as it can be stimulant rather than sedative! I have never used Valerian myself, and can't bring myself to dig the roots up as I love the foliage and flowers (which are just out, btw, I have a photo to post tomorrow!) Although I harvest, dry and use various herb tops, leaves and flowers from my garden, I haven't tried processing any roots.

I'm sure you are spot on with what you say about liking/disliking scents .. I think its like an extension of food-cravings? Often if you really fancy a certain food, it will be because it has a mineral or substance in it that your body is short of, and I'm sure this must be the same for plants. I find the scent quite pleasant and I am definitely someone who has to work on relaxation!!