Monday, 28 April 2008

Weeds and Wildflowers

I always intended Earth and Tree to be a repository of information and resources, a kind of 'bringing together of interesting stuff' relating to a more natural and earth-centred way of life. To this end, I spent some time (more than I anticipated!) yesterday organising all the blog links on the side column into categories so that we can find things more easily.. if your site has fallen off, please let me know as it won't be intentional! Some of the wonderful blogs could have been listed under several categories but I just went with what felt right at the time .. hope you will find it useful?

Speaking of bringing together interesting stuff...

Its a good time of year for Backyard Herbalism with all the weeds and wildflowers in abundance, including the dandelion .. if you're wondering what you can do with them, check out Greenwoman's post on making a Dandelion Salve and Yolanda's post on making a Soup with the buds.

And if you liked yesterday's post on the Cowslip, you should also see the Wiggly Wigglers post on Cowpats and Cowslips which has more interesting information for you.


beckie said...

I do love to come here to find out such interesting things. But more than that, I enjoy seeing them through your eyes. Keep up the good work.

earthwoman said...

Did you notice that you got a mention in Saturday's telegraph?

Karen @ Wiggly Wigglers said...

Hi Hedgewitch,

Thanks for mentioning my post - between us I think we just about covered it all.

Nutty Knitter said...

Hi hedgewitch. :o)
Today my hubby made me promise that I wouldn't pull the dandelions from the lawn in our garden.
He said that I should 'just let them be!'
(I thought you would like to know. :D)

Cheryl said...

The wildflowers have been in abundance this year, fabulous. I have noticed dandelions all along the grass verges, in the fields. It really brightens and lifts the soul.
Backyard hebalism is a great blog.

Nutty Knitter said...

Cheryl, I love this first abundance of dandelions in the year. They grow all year round, but in April they all seem to flower all at once!
Now is the time to pick them for dandelion wine ... :o)

Hedgewitch said...

thank you, beckie .. I am really touched by your comment

thanks for telling me, earthwoman, I had no idea! I just went and found the article online, and I'm sure I have you to thank, as they must have found me from your excellent blog!!

hello karen.. you are more than welcome! I was delighted to find your post and just had to share it.. 'specially as the two seemed to fit together so well! nice to see you.. we are big wiggly fans in our house :-)

ha ha, nutty! your hubby has joined the revolution!!! that's fab :-)

hi cheryl, i agree.. seeing the little yellow flowers everywhere is a real boost .. a bit of sunshine in the grass

About Bobbi C. said...

Hi hedgewitch...I had to laugh when I saw the dandelion photo...Husband's out in the yard now whacking down a ton of them. LOL. Never knew you could make salve and such from them. No worries, though, they'll be back! LOL

bobbi c.
Earthly Gardener

Hedgewitch said...

how funny, bobbi! yep, I'm sure they'll be back .. if they're young you can eat the leaves, too, you know?

its such an irony, because i don't have anywhere for them to grow and live in a city so i'm always on the look out for useful weeds which won't have been sprayed or contaminated with roadside pollution when I'm out and about on my travels

meanwhile, all the poor gardeners with lawns are waging a daily war with weeds :-)

Dave Coulter said...

Dandelion soup? Hmm. Can I put some chicken in it? lol....

Jo said...

They used to say at primary school (other children not the teachers) that if you picked a dandelion you would wee yourself, god knows where this idea came from, apparantly the flowers are good for natural dyeing, one day I will get around to it!also great to see your photo!

Hedgewitch said...

of course, you can, dave!!

hello jo .. that's really interesting, just the sort of anecdote I was hoping to collect when I started the blog

lots of wisdom about plants comes down to us through verbal transmission, and this is often dismissed as 'old wives tales'.

but in fact there is very often a nugget of good information at the centre of many such sayings and remembrances.. in this case, its absolutely correct because dandelion is a diuretic (known as 'piss-a-bed' in earlier times!)

thanks for sharing this!

RuthieJ said...

I love my dandelions and they're finally starting to bloom here in Minnesota. I'm going to try making dandelion jelly this year. I have SO MANY in my yard that it would be senseless trying to eliminate them, so I just let them live. Besides the honeybees love them too!

Hedgewitch said...

hey ruthie .. dandelion jelly sounds interesting, let us know how you make it if you get a chance?

good to see you :-)