Monday, 7 April 2008


I was photographing for my etsy shop this afternoon, and she was so determined to get into the shot, that I let her have a couple of her own to star in!

This is the slightly disgruntled expression she wears most of the time.. she has plenty of personality!


Cheryl said...

Hi Hedgewirch....I will be honest I am a dog person but I love black cats. The strange thing is they seem to love me to. When I was a child black cats walking along walls were always drawn to me. This used to worry my mother as she is frightened of cats.
It is a pleasure to see your lovely companion, she seems a sweetie.

Dave Coulter said...

I had a cat that looked like yours when I was about 16-17. His name was Zuma!

Hedgewitch said...

she is a sweetie, really, cheryl! you obviously have a connection with cats.. they're just not like that with everyone :-)

good name for a cat, dave! 'specially if you had another called monty

Marilena said...

looks like my cat, jingles:) do you have any tips for me on what type of herbs and so forth i can grow right a long with my flowers? iam new to the world of planting flowers, so any tip you could give me about herbs, or even flowers, and what type of natural ingredients i can use to make them grow better would be nice.

Hedgewitch said...

hello marilena, and welcome! thanks for stopping by

your blog is really pretty .. I'll be stopping by to see how you get on with the flowers.

if you have a balcony in full sun, I think you should be able to grow all sorts of herbs in pots (all mine are in pots on my roof)

if you like colourful flowers, too, marigolds are fab and if you get 'calendula offincinalis' rather than the 'tagetes' French type, you can use them for all sorts of things? they are good for companion planting too.

good luck with it all.. I'll do a post on nettle and comfrey plant feed when I make some later this spring.

Marilena said...