Monday, 21 April 2008

Earth Day

So tomorrow is Earth Day and people all over the world will be attempting to focus their leaders' attention on the plight of the planet, as well as re-visiting how they themselves can take positive steps to make a difference.

This is the Official Earth Day site and I've collected a couple of interesting links to peruse on Earth Day, if you're having a perusing kind of a moment (!)

The Nature Conservancy Earth Day info including details of their Plant a Billion Trees campaign

Wear Blue on Earth Day to Vote for NO COAL

Earth Day Gallery at Love Earth which has some stunning images of the Earth viewed from outer space.

Earth Day isn't such a big thing here in the UK .. but I'm not going to let that stop me joining in! So I will be donating all proceeds from tomorrow's sales at Hedgewitch to Friends of the Earth. Please spread the word if you can, and help me raise some funds for a good cause!

I usually mark the day by quietly appreciating the earth .. and I will be doing this tomorrow the best way I know how, by getting outside in the fresh air to commune with nature, either visiting a local site or on the roof in my garden with my sleeves rolled up!

------> GET INVOLVED: How do you celebrate Earth Day? What does the Earth mean to you?


Cheryl said...

The plight of the planet how close to my heart is this. I joined Friends of the Earth inthe eighties, when we were mocked for being alarmists. How right this charity was for its vision, and the cost to the planet. I shall be doing my bit hedgewitch, but good luck to you and thank you for bringing this to peoples attention.

Hedgewitch said...

Lol, cheryl, I know what you mean!

When I was in my teens in the 80s I did door-to-door collections for Greenpeace (who were then viewed as not much short of a terrorist organisation!) and I remember Friends of the Earth campaigning about CFCs ... people thought this was so far out and radical.

Its amazing how perceptions have changed during the last 2 decades, a real testament to the solid campaigning work done by these groups.

Nutty Knitter said...

I know what you mean, cheryl.
I too have grown up with environmental issues close to my heart ... and it seems strange to see that suddenly now the environment is on the agenda.
Good thing though! I just wish it had been sooner. And even now there are enough people who scoff and think it's silly ... :(

Anyway ... HAPPY EARTH DAY - today and every day! :D

Cheryl said...

Greenpeace, my heroes. We seem to be like minded people and nutty knitter. There are a lot of us about you know, more than people realise.
I always believed in the power of the people and have been involved in a lot of campaigns. Some have been successful and some not. I will never stop fighting on behalf of mother earth.

Hedgewitch said...

hi nutty... thanks!

cheryl, it cheers me up no end to know that you are out there fighting the battle, bless you :-)

so easy to think that as individuals we have no power, but people can be very powerful