Thursday, 20 March 2008


Today is the equinox which heralds Spring and is, of course, the underlying and unifying theme behind many important religious festivals.

"Day and night are equal, poised and balanced, but about to tip over on the side of light."

This descibes exactly how I feel about this turning point .. emerging from the darkness into the light. New life, rebirth, potential and hope.


Dave Coulter said...

It's a beautiful day here. Cold, but sunny. Have a great season! :)

Hedgewitch said...

hi dave,
just started raining, here!

Happy Spring to you, too :-)

Ruth said...

Those of us who live in the north and experience dark winters anticipate the vernal equinox with great joy. Happy spring to you!

Hedgewitch said...

Thanks, Ruth!

April said...

Very beautiful - both words and picture! Happy Spring!

P.S. I have tagged you to participate in the Six Word Memoir meme. If you would like to play, please see my 'Welcome Spring' post.

Alchemille said...

I'm so happy to have the Spring back! (my 2nd favorite season after the Fall)...Though the signs of the season were already here for a few weeks now.

Birds are singing their most beautiful songs and I like waking up listening to them ;).

I noticed your quote...Do you happen to be into Glennie Kindred's books by any chance?

Ostara Blessings upon you and yours. May your wishes and projects become reality ;).

Cheryl said...

Beautiful words hedgewitch. The photograph so significant. I really love this post.

RuthieJ said...

Longer days bring hope for me this time of year also.
Happy Spring to you!

Hedgewitch said...

Thanks for tagging me, april .. I am having great fun working on my memoir (watch this space!)

Spring blessings to you, too, alchemille... no, I'm not familiar with her work but stumbled across this online today and it really captured what I was trying to express. I will look out for her books now!

Thank you Cheryl .. I first thought of all the new growth in the garden for a photo, but there's something so symbolic about the egg and it seemed right that it should be simple and unadorned. I love that you appreciated it :-)

Happy Spring, Ruthie .. lovely to see you!

Dave Coulter said...


Off subject, but I just put a post about hedgerows at my blog...check it out!


hedge hermit said...

every year i mean to do the "egg experiment" and every year i forget. :-) i too feel what you've described. i'm so ready for spring. this winter has been a hard one on me and i'm really looking forward to turning over a new leaf.

Cheryl said...

Happy Easter Sunday hedgewitch

ally said...

It was my mums birthday on the 20th. She is never happy until the spring arrives after the long dark winter. :)

Hedgewitch said...

Thanks, Cheryl!

Hello hedge.. I hadn't heard of the experiment till someone told me later on that day, but it was weird because when I took that photo, the egg stood on its end REALLY easily

(I remember thinking 'it'll never do that in a million years' but it did first time without a wobble!)

so there you go!

Welcome, ally .. nice to meet you and many happy returns to your mum :-)

Jo said...

Does this mean I can start to lok forward to summer, and summer clothes! I used to love the winter but this house is too cold for me!

Hedgewitch said...

why not, jo!

yes, I sympathise.. I live in a very draughty old house, too .. not uncommon for me to wear a scarf indoors :-)