Monday, 17 March 2008

Knit for Oxfam

I don't usually blog about knitting, but when you read this you will see straight away that its about the earth, because mothers all over the earth are dying unnecessarily .. wanted to help spread the word, as I know there are knitters out there!

" Every minute, a woman with no medical care dies in pregnancy or childbirth

Millions of mums in poor countries get low-quality health care, or are forced to go without it altogether. High fees, a shortage of hospitals and clinics, and not enough doctors and midwives means women struggle to get the medical care they need and all that too often they don’t survive to look after their babies. In Africa and South East Asia pregnancy and childbirth represent the biggest cause of death amongst women of childbearing age.

Each square you can knit or crochet will represent a newborn baby, left needlessly without a mother because of lack of healthcare. These squares will be joined together and handed into the UK government in September. "

This is what I'll be doing this evening... click the title to link to this post, which has details of what you need to do (its basically knitting a 9" square).


Nutty Knitter said...

Thanks for the link, Hedgewitch!
I have bookmarked it.

April said...

Thanks for telling us about this. I'm going to the Oxfam website as well to see if they are doing something similar in Canada.

Dave Coulter said...

hedgewitch -

This is certainly a worthwhile effort. Makes me wish I could knit! I found your blog via Nature Trail. I like your artwork. Keep up the good work!

Alchemille said...

I wish they were doing something similar here in the US...That's a very good cause.
It's a shame that this is still happening in the 21st century. We need more women of knowledge (wise women, doulas, doctors, herbalists...etc) and funds to teach women of these countries how to take their health & their future in their hands.
Today, we honor the Mother Goddess Danu. I will keep these women in my thoughts and bring up the problem to the Goddess. I know she listens ;).

Trinket Tree said...

Thanks for bringing this to our atention hedgewitch, unfortunatly I am a dreadful knitter but I am sure my mum can rattle out a good few squares :)

Hedgewitch said...

Hi april .. do let us know if you find anything in Canada or US? Thanks for stopping by :-)

Thanks, Dave .. its nice to meet you!

Alchemille, I agree.. I am used to reading about such conditions existing in the medieval period but its a shock to realise that this could be happening today

Hello trinket tree! Many thanks for visiting .. and more power to your mum's elbow, lol :-)

Hedgewitch said...

Watcha Nutty!

I thought you might be good for a square ;-)

Cheryl said...

Hi Hedgewitch....Good cause, shall get my good friend to knit some. She is a quick and fab knitter. Me i take ages and it never looks square.

Helen said...

Very interesting. I am going to check into this further.
Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention.

Naturegirl said...

Certainly a wonderful cause to begin knitting!Bless you! hugs NG

Hedgewitch said...

thanks, cheryl.. you know, I'm like that with crochet - it somehow just never comes out right, lol!

welcome helen.. its nice to meet you :-)

hello NG, many thanks for stopping by .. blessings to { you } too

Aisha Wood said...

I will definitely be making a square for this!

I would like to tag you, if you don't mind :)

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Aisha Wood said...

Oops, I just flicked back a page and saw you've already been tagged. Sorry about that!

Hedgewitch said...

No problem, Aisha .. it was great to go and read your 7 facts!

Thanks for visiting, and for inviting me :-)

sarah said...

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