Saturday, 8 March 2008

Beans Unfurling

Oh, I just can't wait to show this to everyone..

.. I was so excited!

These are my heritage dwarf beans, which were very kindly sent to me by Daughter of the Soil .. and are going to be potted up this weekend.

Aren't they just fab? And everytime I go and look they've grown a bit more.


Nutty Knitter said...

Beans must be the best seedlings to watch grow! :D

We started early last year with our seedlings ... and then the cold weather came and dashed our garden hopes.

So this year we a re exercising a bit more caution.

I hope your beans thrive. :o)
I love the idea of growing heritage plants ...

Claire said...

this is such an inspiring image, esp. as the seedlings are at different stages... just beautiful :o)

Hedgewitch said...

thanks, claire!

thanks, nutty .. I only put a couple in, as I know its a bit early really. Will be keeping them in the kitchen in the warm for a good while yet :-)

do you want to grow some too? I have far too many to use this year, so I would be happy to send you some?

Alchemille said...

I see you've been busy getting your hands dirty ;).
I just repotted my tomato and eggplant seedlings and I've sown some bear's garlic seeds.

Hedgewitch said...

I had a great afternoon of it yesterday, alchemille .. my kitchen is a little crowded, as its now my nursery too!

My tomato seedlings are very slow and weeny.. I hope they're going to be OK.

It must be great to grow your own eggplant.. would love to hear how you get on?

Ben said...

I like the idea you have to recycle cardboard tubes!
I use a similar method for raising my seedings, I make a pot from newspaper. These little pots have a base on them which prevents the soil from running out the bottom into my trays.
I think your blog is great!

Hedgewitch said...

Thank you, Ben!

This reminds me, that its time I posted an update of how my little beans are doing :-)

Hedgewitch said...

I just watched the u-tube on how to make the pots, ben .. brilliant!

thanks for the link

earthwoman said...

Oh these are beautiful, I think I will set some beans off this weekend.

Hedgewitch said...

Welcome, earthwoman!

I just posted some new photos of my little beans' progress - thanks for reminding me :-)