Saturday, 29 March 2008

Bean Update

Ooh, I forgot to show you how my little bean seedlings are doing ..

First they looked like this, if you remember?

They soon got potted up and looked like this (on a typical grey day, a week or so back!)

.. and now we're getting a bit of sunshine, they look like this

.. and I think they mean business!!


Dave Coulter said...

Nice. Will you move them outdoors soon?

Cheryl said...

I think they do.....yummy nothing better in the height of summer than a plate full of runners.

Hedgewitch said...

hi dave, hi cheryl!

yes, they should hopefully be going out soon .. though protected for a good while

heard the forecast today and it sounded promising, so fingers crossed :-)

earthwoman said...

Blimey, they look like sky scrapers now.

Hedgewitch said...

lol, earthwoman!

yep, they're really taking off :-)