Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lunar Eclipse Update

Well, I had high hopes yesterday afternoon at 6pm when a beautiful large full moon shone in a clear sky outside my kitchen window. But when I checked the skies at 2am, there was pretty much complete cloud cover.

Undeterred, I staggered out of bed when the alarm went at 3am this morning.. it took me a while to find the moon at all, but I eventually a tiny glimmer caught my eye and I waited eagerly for a small hole in the clouds. I was rewarded with my first ever sight of an eclipse!

What I saw, at about 3.05am, was the very final stage before totality - I could make out a dark disc which had a crescent edging of brilliant light at the bottom right. Unfortunately, I could only glimpse the spectacle extremely briefly through gaps in the clouds, and it wasn't possible to take any photographs. Each time the moon reappeared the crescent was less until it was extinguished by the dark disc. As this passed behind the clouds again, it was lost to me, so I never got to see if it changed colour.

-------> GET INVOLVED: Did you see the eclipse? How did it look in your part of the world? Lets compare notes!

-------> UPDATE! Check out the comments for great shots of the eclipse by WeirdBugLady and Lemonlight


lauren bacchus said...

I was very disappointed - I couldn't see it because of the weather. It was too cloudy. :(

Hedgewitch said...

such a shame... the next one is December 2010!!

have found a couple of folks who got a decent shot, though - will post links tomorrow :-)

Angie said...

My husband stayed up to watch it but I was way more interested in my pillow at 3am! :)

There was one last year at a much more reasonable time of the evening - here's a photo I took...

Hedgewitch said...

That's a fab photo, angie!

Thanks so much for sharing it :-)

Hedgewitch said...

OK, as promised, links to some folks who managed to get a decent shot of the eclipse:

(and see Angie's above)

Cheryl said...

Don't you just love the mysterious. We have wonderful clear skies here so the moon and stars light the night beautifully. Before I go to bed I always look out of the window to see her and the stars. Lovely photo.
Its a pleasure getting to know you.

Hedgewitch said...

thanks, cheryl :-)

sadly, I'm right in the built-up middle of London so too much light pollution for many stars

but I love to watch the moon, and I sometimes get to see Venus.. and I have been known to go up on the roof in the early hours to watch for meteors!