Thursday, 14 February 2008

Elderflower and Garlic

It never ceases to amaze me how simple herbal remedies can bring such relief!

Having succumbed to a cold this week, I reached for something to ease the misery - two mugs of elderflower tea completely stopped the drip-drip-dripping (ew!) and cleared my airways so I could breathe. Plus as soon as I realised I had symptoms, I took a garlic capsule each day and I'm recovering with amazing speed.

The Elder has long had the reputation as a 'healer-of-all-ills' as all parts of the plant have medicinal uses, which have been recognised from ancient times onward. Its one of my favourite herbs, especially as it can be easily collected.

Even better, garlic and elderflower can both be used in pregnancy (acc. to all the sources I've consulted) .. good news for mums-to-be.

----> GET INVOLVED: It would be great to collect together tried-and-tested remedies for everyone to share ... what is your favourite remedy, piece of advice or healing tip?


Jo said...

Just testing to see if it will let me comment! It's Jo, pleased to meet you.

Hedgewitch said...

Hello Jo,

Thanks for stopping by .. and for your help yesterday. I am much obliged to you!

Riggwelter said...

ooooh, how would I go about making elderflower tea...I do like herbal remedies.

Hedgewitch said...

Hi riggwelter,

sounds like an excellent topic for a post, riggwelter .. watch this space!

Craft Matters said...

Hi there - lovely blog! We swear by homemade Elderberry cordial here. Seems to ward off colds & stop them in their tracks. But am very interested in your use of elderflower tea & will definitely give that a try.

Hedgewitch said...

Thanks, Ali!

Think I'm going to try making some cordial this year.. especially if its so effective. Glad you stopped by :-)